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CleanSnap application is an idea from the founders of Construction Clean Partners.  CCP gets invites to price the final clean scope for new construction and renovation construction projects.  For 4 years CCP only would connect a cleaning company with the general contractor with the goal of making an introduction and supporting the cleaning company to win the final cleaning contract.

In return CCP would earn commissions from the cleaning company for our services.  This works fine, but many of the opportunities that come from a project manager, CCP has no partner or the partner who works in that specific area is too busy to make a site visit in the required timeframe.  It turned out that we were not submitting proposals for 40% of the direct final clean requests that were receiving from the project managers.

CleanSnap gives more companies opportunities to win projects, and now the 40% of jobs that no one was submitting a proposal for, CleanSnap users get to visit those sites with the superintendent and submit proposals to the project manager.

When signing companies us to the CCP Network, there were companies who did not want to pay thousands of dollars for commissions to CCP for the introduction or help with submitting the proposal.  CleanSnap allows those companies who have expertise in talking to superintendents and submitting proposals find new job lead opportunities without CCP emailing the construction company or the cleanign partner.

CleanSnap is 100% owned by Construction Clean Partners and the data originally comes from DoConstructionBusiness database, with a twist of the Construction Clean Partners sales system, which runs on the DCB platform.  CleanSnap is mainly for cleaning companies who want to contract with a commercial construction, since statements from the decision makers confirming final clean is needed are listed inside CleanSnap.  Final cleaning is the last scope purchased on a construction site, there are other trades purchased towards the end of a construction project, for instance paint.  Any trade that is purchased towards the end of a construction project, can also benefit from the data inside CleanSnap.