CleanSnap's mission is to accelerate
sales and revenue for cleaning companies

CleanSnap was founded in 2016 by Construction Clean Partners who wanted to share project leads with more cleaning companies – businesses that may not need an outside person to make calls, submit proposals, or follow up on proposals.  Today, CleanSnap displays bidding and active construction projects tailored to cleaning companies who perform work towards the end of a commercial construction project. CleanSnap believes the more quality data that users can see, the better off the construction industry.  General contractors get more bids and better vendors and cleaning companies get more opportunities.   

CleanSnap data is produced at the highest quality possible.  We strive for recognizable project name, correct addresses, correct decision maker contacts, and a great estimate for you to begin your bidding.  To achieve our goal of having the highest quality data in the industry, CleanSnap is always investing in our data quality employees and systems to output the best, most accurate data for cleaning companies to view. The result is that CleanSnap is the top software for cleaning companies to find post construction cleaning leads with top commercial general contractors. 

And this is just the beginning. With CleanSnap building its most affordable software yet, CleanSnap continues to make bidding and in progress construction projects accessible and affordable to more and more people, ultimately accelerating the construction cleanup industry.