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What do you do now 

First point of contact

  • Call or SMS the site superintendent to confirm a site visit schedule for scope confirmation and your proposal amount.  The project manager has given instructions to visit the job site with site contact.
  • Visiting the site confirms you are local, the project manager will be more acceptable to an on scope proposal than an “I am interested email”

2nd action

  • Email the project manager your company contact information which fulfills normal vendor prequel application questions.  
  • Confirm with project manager you have or will be visiting the super on site then emailing a proposal to project manager
  • If CleanSnap is missing a street name or site superintendent, request missing information; including architectural drawings

Use the address

  • Drop by the site and use the contact names along with Approval and When statement at the trailer.  Don’t forget your hard hat, boots, and vest.  “You want to blend in like a construction worker”
  • You can walk around on your own, get an idea of a proposal price and email to the project manager before she returns your email or call.
  • Drop a card off in the trailer with a note phrasing the when or approval