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CleanSnap Grows Cleaning Businesses

CleanSnap provides you with..

  • Access to final clean request of construction projects in progress.  General contractor has been awarded and is hiring vendors
  • Superintendent (on job site) and project manager (approves vendors) contact information
  • Statements from decision makers to confirm final clean price is required
  • 500 mile search distance from current location
  • Estimated contract price based on .25 cents per square footage
  • Description of job, link to architectural plans

See what the Words Inside CleanSnap Mean

Getting familiar start to finish

How CleanSnap works

Construction Clean Partners sends emails to contacts that work for commercial construction companies. CCP gets the opportunities and contacts from DoConstructionBusiness.   Once a project manager agrees to accept a final clean price and if the proposal is required to be submitted within the next 6 months, the project will then be put on the CleanSnap platform.

The map tab has red pins, these are the projects that are accepting a final clean price.  The free version and the paid version share the same features on the map tab.  You must press the “search jobs” button and then your search distance circle will drill down and only your map pins within the search distance will be shown on the map.  Now you can click on the red map pin and see 3 different pieces of information.

Approval:  Statemtent from project manager or super on site that confirms a final clean price can be accepted

When:  The timeframe in which a proposal is required, when the cleaning should start, when should the building be turned over to owner.

Description:  what is this project and scope of the cleaning.

If you have the paid version of CleanSnap, you can now see the middle tab;  Job data.  This is where the most valuable data is held inside the platform.  The blue highlighted words can be clicked and information will pop up. Call the super on site , and email the project manager.  The pm has requested for a cleaning company to visit the super on site to confirm the cleaning scope and site conditions so a cleaning company can submit a cleaning proposal to the project manager via email.

There is an estimated amount that you can use to email every project manager a proposal without visiting the super on the site.  


The settings tab is where you adjust your search distance miles and turn on notifications.  Do you want to receive only notifications on new jobs added to CleanSnap, or when a job is removed from CleanSnap,get the notification so you can follow up one more time with the project manager to confirm if you can still submit your final clean price.


Submitting Proposal Tip

Email proposal to project manager and copy site superintendent on email

Include a line item scope of work along with your price on your company letterhead.  

You can download a template from here

This file should be downloadable for the project manager and site contact from the proposal email.

Copy the site contact in case the project manager does not receive the email, the super can mention the proposal receive to pm

Project manager will approve proposals and issue change orders

When submitting proposal, you should attach a w9 copy along with coi sample

Notification emails

CleanSnap – Job information removed

Free users will see **** in place of the super and project manager cell contact information.  

With the paid version you should give the project manager one last email stating “We want to price the final cleaning for CSU Renovate Robinson Center,  can we go visit “site contact” and email you a proposal this week”   You should get your own NO from the project manager.

When we remove a job from CleanSnap, its because

  1. One of the primary contacts  (project manager or superintendent) told us that they no longer need our price, this may not mean the contract is already awarded, maybe they do not want to award the job to Construction Clean Partners so we are told they are going a different way.


2.We are told the job will not be purchased within the next 6 months, so we move a date in our system and the job is removed from CleanSnap, once the job is within 6 months from when we think the pm will purchase the contract , the job will be placed back on CleanSnap


  1. We find out the job is not actually in progress, and the company is still bidding the work (to win the contract to build)  all jobs on CleanSnap must be in progress- where you can drive by the site and see something

CleanSnap – Job information changed

There is 10 different fields that can change within CleanSnap, once we adjust a price or add a cell or email address, you should show the job attention. below the amount was changed, this comes from some conversation or further research.  maybe you should re quote the job with new price or a lower price. It is likely when the project manager tells us to price his job, he does not give us his super contact in the first request, so 2 weeks later he may share the site contact and this would trigger an update

CleanSnap – Job information added

When a new job appears, you should immediately call the super if cell is listed, email the project manager giving your interest in providing a price.  use pieces of the when and approval statement in your first email.  You have to go to CleanSnap to see the contacts, and see the description (click on job name, or red map pin). Before we created notifications, you had no way to know a new job has appeared in your preferred job radius, you had to check CleanSnap every week, print your job sheet out and compare the sheet to last weeks sheet.

Repeat customer success steps

You emailed all contacts 1 time with your company information in the introduction email.

  • this first email creates a date stamp of when you started to email this contact.

Take the contact’s name, phone number, and email address and company name out of CleanSnap and input into your customer management system

Email or call the contact every 90 days asking for an opportunity, you must stay on the mind of the potential buyer.  The contact from CleanSnap

If this contact has worked in or close to your working region one time, it is very likely this same contact will work in your working region again in the future.


30% of CleanSnap jobs come from a call or email “i got your email 5 months ago, can you help me with a final clean this week”.  “My co-worker forward an email you sent him 2 months back, are you still in cleaning?”