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What each notification means that comes from CleanSnap

These emails trigger when a decision maker emails us and the information effects Job Name, Address, Est. amount, approval and when statement,  contact cell and email.


CleanSnap – Job information removed

Free users will see **** in place of the super and project manager cell contact information.

With the paid version you should give the project manager one last email stating “We want to price the final cleaning for CSU Renovate Robinson Center,  can we go visit “site contact” and email you a proposal this week”   You should get your own NO from the project manager.


Why/ When jobs are removed from CleanSnap

1. One of the primary contacts  (project manager or superintendent) told construction company no longer needs a cleaning proposal, “we are going a different way.”

  • clean contract is already awarded,
  • do not want to award the job to Construction Clean Partners our out of town company

2.We are told the job will not be purchased within the next 6 months, so we move a date in our system and the job is removed from CleanSnap, once the job is within 6 months from when we think the pm will purchase the contract , the job will be placed back on CleanSnap

3. We find out the job is not actually in progress,  or construction company not building.  All jobs on CleanSnap must be in progress- where you can drive by the site and see something

  • You may quote or win a job from CleanSnap, the job will remain onCleanSnap untilCleanSnap is notified from the account option 1.

CleanSnap – Job information changed

There is 10 different fields that can change within CleanSnap, once we adjust a price or add a cell or email address, you should show the job attention. below the amount was changed, this comes from some conversation or further research.  maybe you should re quote the job with new price or a lower price. It is likely when the project manager tells us to price his job, he does not give us his super contact in the first request, so 2 weeks later he may share the site contact and this would trigger an update

CleanSnap – Job information added

When a new job appears, you should immediately call the super if cell is listed, email the project manager giving your interest in providing a price.  use pieces of the when and approval statement in your first email.  You have to go to CleanSnap to see the contacts, and see the description (click on job name, or red map pin). Before we created notifications, you had no way to know a new job has appeared in your preferred job radius, you had to check CleanSnap every week, print your job sheet out and compare the sheet to last weeks sheet.

Reach the notifications settings at