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I have CleanSnap, now what do i do?

If superintendent phone is available, call super to schedule a scope / price confirmation site visit.  Then email the project manager an introductory email see a few examples here .  Email the super the intro email as well.  If street name is available, drive by the site and walk around on your own.  Mentioning the superintendent and project manager name at the trailer gives an instant approval to be on their job site.  Confirm the scope and square footage while on site.

Leave 2 business cards in the trailer.  Email your proposal to the job team.  Re contact the job team by email in the future for the next opportunity.  If we are missing the superintendent, its a good chance the cleaning is not this month.  The pm knows who is super is, you can collect during your intro email.


What is the most difficult task of mastering CleanSnap

Manage the job lead to get to proposal submittal,

CleanSnap gets the job when the project manager request final clean price

    • When do you want to visit the site, clean start, building completion, when do you feel comfortable pricing and submitting proposal
    • If no site contact, you can wait for update or contact project manager
    • Contact and job history logging- example. Print CleanSnap sheets weekly, write notes next to job and contact names, cross job names out


What Construction Clean Partners does with CleanSnap data

Email project managers asking for the site superintendent contact information  We then email the site contact asking when is a good time to make a site visit.  Once we know the job is close to completion, we would share the job details with a cleaning partner to arrange a site visit with superintendent. We stay in contact by email with the project manager and site contact after their project is complete, looking for new opportunities.


Updating of jobs

CleanSnap updates hourly, specific job data will update more than new jobs are added or removed to CleanSnap

Common update fields: address, site contact phone/ email.  We are working on a notification system to update you when new information comes to CleanSnap


Can CCP help me get a job from CleanSnap?

We will email you a pdf of all the information we have on the job.  This will include “when” the pm or super has said to visit the site, this can also include driving directions, scope instructions, and the approval statement from a decision maker.


I am a CCP Member and have CleanSnap

If you are an active CCP Member,  your company can get selected for jobs where CCP will support in site visit arrangement and proposal process.  With CleanSnap, you manage your own pre contracting and post job processes.  There is no commissions per job with ClearSnap.  If CCP selects you for a job to arrange site visit, commission is expected.  Even if you made contact already through CleanSnap.  If you communicated with job team, then CCP connects you with job also, the chances of winning are greater.


How did we come up with job amount?

If we know a square foot, we price the job at $.25 cents per square foot.  These prices are used in our emails to job contacts and if we are told that the price is high, we will adjust.  None of the amounts have been approved for contract issuance.  If there is no job amount, it means we do not know the cleanable square footage or a number of units / rooms

Average SF per all awarded projects – $0.43.  Varying price per project types; scope and mobilization requirements do differ

Worship $       0.29 Military Installation $       0.25 Police-Fire Station $       0.21 Industrial $       0.31
Restaurant $       0.61 Medical-Dental $       0.32 Unit-Residential-Hotel $       0.27 Car dealership $       0.17


Unit- Hotel- Residential project type

Rough clean : .14 cents per sq ft

Final clean: .19 cents per sq ft

Fluff: .06 cents per sq ft

Strip and Wax

1 coat: .06 cents per sq ft

2 coat: .13 cents per sq ft

3 coat: .20 cents per sq ft

Pressure Wash .14-.18 cents per sq ft


Refund- Guarantee

After 90 days you can get your money back.  You can cancel within 40 days from your membership start.  Example. You purchase CleanSnap on March 23.  You cancel on June 15, you will not have access to CleanSnap on June 16. Your 90 day period is over June 21.  Your return payment would be processed on June 22.


Download or view the Guarantee Policy Here 

Can we store the data from CleanSnap

You own the job contact information when you have access to CleanSnap.  save and reuse all contacts You can not copy the text from within CleanSnap.  You can print pages and put contact information back into your customer relationship management system.  


How did you get my information?

Brandon Inniss from Construction Clean Partners shared your information with us through CleanSnap.  CleanSnap gives us the job address and job decision maker contacts for jobs that a final clean price has been requested.


Can I schedule a 1 on 1 demonstration to see how busy my area is and how the mobile application works

You can setup an appointment for demonstration at

Or you can email and Brandon will send a RingCentral Meetings request to you via email, then we can spend 20 minutes with you watching our computer screen



How often are jobs added and removed from my map

10 new jobs are added to USA per week.  


Can I see only jobs that are close to my office

Job search distance must be between 10 and 500 miles


How can I see all the jobs in my country- i want to go beyond 500 miles?

At this time there is no way to see over 500 miles from your current location.  You can email brandon@getcleansnap for a request to see a broader mile distance.  


I only want to see jobs at a maximum of 100 miles in distance from me

Once you adjust your search distance to 100 miles.  Everytime you login, this search distance will be selected.


Can I pick my location where I want to see the jobs

The job search result will depend on your current location, when you travel from 1 location to another the map job results will differ based on current location.  If you are using a desktop in an office.  Your search distance will always have the same center radius.


There are no jobs in my area

You will get a notification via mobile application when there is jobs in your area, or you can use the desktop webpage to view the whole country job locations , you can drive to closest job city and search jobs to get that job address and contact information

What if I call a project manager or superintendent and he says the job is complete or there is no need for cleaning?

CleanSnap is in constant contact with job related contacts to confirm that the cleaning contract is still available.  Sometimes a project manager buys the cleaning before the planned date and Clean Snap is not notified, we believe jobs will stay on the map for a maximum of 10 days if the cleaning contract is no longer available.

How long do jobs stay on map

39% will be on map for less than 10 days.  Final cleaning is commonly overlooked and budgets are tight so the last minute is the name in this game.  When these jobs appear on map, a site visit or price is required the same week.  You will not know that this job is 10 day job until you contact the primary or site contact and he says he needs your price now.


33% will be on map between 10 and 100 days.  Finishes are laid at job and it is site visit time as soon as this appears on map.  This most common age is 42 and the jobs are worth $8,200


28 % will be on map over 101 days- The building 1 year from completion, the project manager is requesting pricing but wants to buy cleaning closer to completion.  The jobs here are worth $11,350


100 days is the most common number of days a job will be on your map

A cleaner can always persuade a site super or project manager to create a contract before decision maker is ready to buy

A job I was watching in my area has been removed

CleanSnap has been told that the cleaning is no longer available, or the job was not in progress and the construction company is still bidding.  Jobs on the map must be in progress and in need of a construction clean price.  You should be taking notes on the jobs that you view on your mobile, and you can still contact the job from your notes

How many other companies will see the same jobs i see

It is possible to have 10 other companies looking at the same jobs on your map.  Usually the number of cleaners in a working region means there is a higher volume of job opportunities.  Companies in Boston can have search distance at 500 miles and see jobs in Washington, DC


We do not complete post construction cleanup.  Can I use CleanSnap?

CleanSnap jobs are in progress, not in the early stage bidding phase. If your scope is  purchased after the bid due date or towards the completion of a construction building, than you should use CleanSnap.  Construction Cleanup is an architectural requirement on majority of vertical building construction jobs.  We know a construction clean price is required, we have not inquired about the HVAC, or Electricals scopes.


Job Data

What is the average size or amount of jobs on map

The average square footage per job is 30,000 SF and the average amount is $7,000.  The average number of days on site is 5.


Will CleanSnap or Construction Clean Partners submit proposals on my behalf?

There is no commissions on CleanSnap, users must submit their own proposals and quotes to the project manager listed.  Sample proposals are here.  If you have not seen the job site, and you have not talked to the superintendent to confirm the full job scope,  you can use the CleanSnap estimated job amount and submit a general quote.


Common Questions (FAQ)

Click on the questions below to expand

  • CleanSnap is a new tool for cleaning companies that helps you book more lucrative construction clean contracts easier than ever. 

    We have a massive database of contacts in the construction industry, which allows us to keep updated on almost all new commercial building projects in the county – we’re then able share cleanup job opportunities with our local partners like you. 

    A CleanSnap membership will give you access to all our job data for your area, and allow you to make new business contacts, book more work, and earn more profits.

  • 100% of the opportunities you’ll see as a CleanSnap member are active requests for a cleanup price from key decision makers (project manager etc.) on a local construction project. 

    These are NOT low-quality, 3rd party “leads” – We’ve been in direct contact with the contractor via phone and email, and they have confirmed that they will need a final cleanup from an outside contractor (that’s you). 

    So when you stop by a job site you find in CleanSnap, you can be confident that this is a HOT opportunity that is highly likely to result in a deal. 

  • CleanSnap will be available as an app for iOS and Android devices. There will also be a web based interface that you can use to access your local job data from any device. 

    The app is scheduled for launch in early February – but if you join our pre-sale we’ll still send you the job data for your area in a weekly email report until the app is ready (you’ll also save around 70% off the normal membership fee) 

  • Our parent company, Construction Clean Partners, has been actively brokering hundreds of construction cleanup deals across the United States for the past 4 years. We’ve built an extensive network of contacts in the building industry during this time, and leverage these relationships, as well as building permit application databases and other sources to gather our data. 

    We’re the ONLY company out there solely focused on the construction cleanup market, and have done over $4.9 million dollars in construction cleanup deals over the last 4 years. Now with CleanSnap YOU will have access to the same data we have to grow your own business!

  • We have a full time staff dedicated to finding new construction cleanup leads, and we add new opportunities to our system just about every day. 

    SO… if there isn’t much work in your area at the moment, don’t sweat it, there will likely be some jobs coming very soon (remember it’s not even busy season yet). 

    We’re encouraging folks to see this for what it is, which is a longer-term play and not an instant solution. Meaning, if you stick with CleanSnap for a while, you will see results, and the results pay for your membership many times over.

    We’re 100% positive our members will get jobs this year if they want them. That’s why we offer a guarantee that if you are a member for a year and you don’t get any jobs we’ll refund all your fees for the year.

  • No, these jobs are not usually difficult to secure, so long as you make contact with the decision makers early, quote them a fair price (we recommend .25 cents/ square foot to start), and follow up with them.

    These opportunities are about as “hot” as they come, as each one is a verified request for a construction cleanup from an active building project in your area. Once you have access to the data as a CleanSnap member, it’s all about taking action to get in contact with the decision makers and get them an estimate. 

    You can call, email, or simply drop by the job site to get in touch with them, and CleanSnap will give you all the information you’ll need to do this.

    Usually the next step is to do a site walk, and then give the project manager a proposal and price estimate for the clean. You can send them a proposal and price any time you feel comfortable, but it’s usually best to wait until just before the job is complete to see the conditions of the site and base your price accordingly.

    If the contractor accepts your offer, you will sign a contract and seal the deal! If this sounds complex, it’s actually real simple once you do it a couple times. 

    BY FAR the most difficult part of getting construction cleanup jobs is actually locating project that need cleanup help-  and CleanSnap drops this information right in your lap!

  • Simple: If you don’t get any jobs in your first year of service, we will gladly give you a 100% refund. 

    Construction cleanup job opportunities sometimes take a few months of patience to get (if the building project is in progress you’ll have to wait until they finish) but the results are WELL worth it. 

    Think about this: with the average construction cleanup job paying you $7,000 or more, if you book even a SINGLE job in your first year using CleanSnap – the service has paid for itself for six years! 
    In terms of return on your investment, nothing else comes close to what CleanSnap can do for your business.
  • If you’ve still got any questions, just shoot us a message –

    We’d be happy to chat with you on a call as well to answer all your questions.

    Want to talk? Call Brandon at (307) 298-9335