Construction cleanup leads for cleaning companies

Cleaning companies of all sizes—from small to large—use CleanSnap’s software to find commercial cleanup opportunities with construction companies.

Desktop and Mobile Web Platform

A simple map and data page to find new construction project leads

We bring together cleaning companies and commercial general contractors.  General contractors want cleaning companies to submit bids during pre construction, but best pricing comes from  walking the job site to view conditions and fully understand the post construction cleaning scope.  

We also send notifications for important updates and newly added projects. Select a distance up to 500 miles to view projects or select any location on our map page. 

Designed For Cleaning Companies

The nation's most powerful and easy-to-use cleaning leads software

We collect data for bidding projects and display the data, so your teams don’t need to spend time looking for new opportunities.

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Projects in all locations

We offer project leads in almost every state.
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Reputable construction companies

All commercial construction companies are not the same, we only list projects from the top, most qualified construction companies.

Why CleanSnap

A technology-first approach to active construction project listings

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Close To Completion

In post construction cleaning, it’s best to walk a job site when you can see finishes.  Walk around with the superintendent taking notes on the schedule and scope requirements.

Pre construction Bidding GC

Every construction projects starts at the pre construction phase.  The estimating team takes bids from subcontractors to compile 1 price to submit for owner approval.

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Close The Deal

You need to submit a bid, and call the decision maker to follow up on your possible new contract.  It normally takes more than 1 outreach to get an award.

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Get notifications

You do not have to log in to the application daily, get email notifications on project updates in the regions you choose.

National Scale

The backbone for sales teams

For ambitious companies, CleanSnap makes finding new post construction cleaning leads simple. Our projects are based all over the United States with project values in the billions of dollars, and construction companies ranked in the top 10 each year.


Ready to get started?

CleanSnap—is now available for companies to subscribe and use the application on demand. Find new opportunities for your company in the commercial construction industry. 

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Always know what you pay

A monthly fixed price.  Pay $49 per month with no cancellation fee or $0 commissions for awarded contracts.

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Start your search for work

Get up and running with CleanSnap in as little as 5 minutes.